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  • Dear Sir,

    I am Bear Blackroids Rep. We are truly honored to be on MG. I have a question. I would never do anything that would disrespect you or MG. In welcoming members I can add a Jpeg that says welcome to MG with our logo on it?

    Hey guys. My IT guys out for the weekend but said he will get it on first thing Monday morning i hope that's ok. I wasn't able to find Stero-static when i looked it up for the code until this afternoon and i cant get the widget to stick. Again i hope this is ok , like i said he will attach first thing Monday morning. Please let me know if this is a issue.
    Hey Guys im trying attach this widget but i cant seem to get it to stick. I'm trying to get a hold of my IT guy. Please dont shut me down.
    hey tarus
    hope all is well, i been off fopr years and now im ready im back for second wind . but do we approve posts ? or is that up to milkin and dex or you . good to see you
    hello sir how do we run promos ? sorry to ask questions we are new im still learnign how to use your site?
    Hello have my promo ready but when its time to check out I get no BTC link..please help
    hey brother i posted a review for sis Halotestin can your review and post it thanks brother
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