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Pre anabolic build, the only PED I currently use is Ephedrine Sulfate. I'm deciding between Anadrol IM, Anavar, and Primobolan. I'm leaning towards Anavar, as it seems the most beginner friendly of the 3. The pink lighting is a smart bulb.


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Hi Dexter. I’m trying to write a review for sport- pharma.net are they now a scam site I ordered a month ago never heard anything back they used to be awesome never had a problem but now they took my money and I got nothing just seeing if you heard anything about them ?
Anyways, I've seen SO MUCH contradicting info with HCG time to be used; but, I saw a video that Seth Feroce he was showing examples and he mentioned he always did HCG similar to how I'm planning so I feel like going that route.
I'm wonderig how my cycle looks overall, thoughts?