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    Anyone here using Pharaoh Labs?

    Thanks brother. Not easy to know because is so new . But i like new labs , because all labs in beginning tend to have all products 100% or even overdosed to get is clients . Do you remember Hygetropin from 2015 with IGF inside and overdosed , crazy gains .

    Anyone here using Pharaoh Labs?

    I will start a new bulking cycle after a good TRT of 12 weeks , and i will try this new lab from a very well known source . They made this lab for competitors athletes and i will give it a try Bulking Cycle with Pharaoh: Test E 750mg week Deca 400mg week Anavar 50mg day Lets see how i will...

    HGH w/ TRT

    Brother i know alot to coaches that tell we dont need t4 with hgh not even t3 .

    Why it’s important to dose T4 with HGH

    This is an amazing safe cycle using one compound from each category ( test + 19nor + DHT) I know alot to coaches tell not to use t4 or t3 with HGH ( because this is bulshit from forums)

    Travel Protocol while on cycle.

    Why not trip with vials because yes most of solvents used destroy ruber and is not healthy inject rubber in your body . If you dont want to take the risk do a bigger shoot the day you trip and take some orals with you to keep anabolic .

    Low dose Anavar only cycle

    Brother i dont suggest no test cycle and mostly at your age , because you already have low test from your age and cruching it more with a only anavar cycle will be not good for your health , sex drive . Go with 250mg test week + 30mg anavar day and you will look great and fell amazing

    Did I do this ventroglutes injection right?

    I love ventral glutes because less fat than glutes and better absortion . Yes a around that place , a 25g 1" is perfect for that .

    First Cycle for cutting

    I understand first time most people want only orals but test is very important on any cycle , a base for all . But you can do only orals but be prepared to lose all sex drive : 30mg anavar day 50mg winstrol day 40mcg clenbuterol 25mcg t3 TR forever

    Shipping to Germany

    You have many good ones here just check

    Best suplements that works like a drug

    Best suplements that works like a drug Berberine extracted from a plant known to be one of the most powerful supplements on earth . Is primary goal is lower blood sugar improving insulin sensitivity . Today is very well known as being same potency level as metformin doing that without ythe...

    Are you over 40´s and looking to get big or even compete being healthy

    Are you over 40´s and looking to get big or even compete being healthy We all know that over the 40´s is our body don’t handle easy the orals ( giving acid reflux, indigestion), and also injectables like trenbolone . We need to understand our body with age is like a car with more km´s ...

    HGH w/ TRT

    If he gets real hgh 2ius already give good results and can be used long time . HGH + Test is the best combo to be healthy and looking big and shredded . We dont need more than that to look like 90% of population want to look . Why use harsher compounds like anadrol and trenbolone if you not in...

    HGH w/ TRT

    Yes hgh you can use all year round and 2 to 3 ius is safe and it works great also


    Yes after cardio every morning but now heavy weight is very hard to achieve vacuum .

    HGH w/ TRT

    Im doing now test E 250mg week and 2ius hgh fasted in morning ED and keeping my gains and also my body fat . It works great helping recovery , and dont get fat .