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    Test and Equipoise

    Never run eq but have run deca. Run long cycle 12-16 weeks. Personally I would up test to 600 and add an oral first 6 weeks. Eq gives slow steady gains and adding an oral and upping test will help you to not want to give up on the cycle. Try 50 anadrol or 50 dbol. Just my opinion, I am impatient
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    Welderman crisis

    Yeah my wife is really laying down the law and I'm taking it to heart. That's why I just ordered anadrol, tren e, and some dbol. Lol I suck at being submissive to authority. 😆
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    Welderman crisis

    She read horror stories about notorious gangsters smuggling bacteriostatic water and it makes her think roids are evil. Damn lawless thugs ruin it for everyone. 😆 😂 Devil 😈.
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    Perfect age for growth

    Yes, I'm bored 😴, to spare you all of x rated pictures Im going to ask a question. What is or even is there a perfect span of years where growth will be more enhanced with steroids. If you take in consideration same genetics, same diet, same training, same gear. Will a person grow the same over...
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    Welderman crisis

    PCT. P- Parabolan. C- Cut mix. T-Tren in whatever form you can get
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    Test e

    To be honest that's a cycle dose for a beginner and kind of a low trt dose for a pro. So I look at it like this, you're not a pro and you are not a newbie. You fall in between and that dose falls in between, so I think it's good. Some cruise on 150/week, I don't know what studies have been done...
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    New Member + first cycle advice

    Glad to have you. Well looks like you are already a shredded machine which is awesome. Yeah just run a test only cycle. Test e 250mg every Monday and Thursday. It keeps your levels more stable this way. Only use your ai if needed. Eat at least 300 grams protein and plenty of carbs since BF is...
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    How much cardio?

    What I have always been told is you can subtract your cardio but don't try to factor in weightlifting. Start with 300 deficit and only increase if you are not getting results you want. Don't starve yourself. Keep us posted on your progress
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    Test E, Tren E, Mast E Cycle

    Hell yeah, now that's a cycle. I like it, I like it alot. Size and strength. Eat right and grow, grow, grow.
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    Welderman crisis

    In all honesty I have got this thing back to 19 inches, gotta be pushing 20 post workout. People at work are like wtf are you taking?. I reply creatine and whey
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    Welderman crisis

    See I can do crazy s..t and get away with it. I can blame it all on tren psychosis.
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    Welderman crisis

    Damn did the forum come alive? 😂
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    How much cardio?

    First if you are wanting to eat at a slight calorie deficit download myfitnesspal app. Don't try to guess at calories. 300-500 calories below will help with fat loss. 20 minutes of cardio 3-4 x a week is sufficient but you have to get your heart rate to around 60-70% of maximum and sustain it...
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    Nutrition help for the second best amateur fighter in the nation

    Dang brother I figured he would have nutritionists standing in line to help him
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    Welderman crisis

    Nothing but a welding hood and a set of dumbbells