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Many sites have blends for sale, Test/Tren/Mast etc mixed in one bottle.
Was curious on if this was more or less beneficial and if anyone has used them?


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it comes both with pros and cons.
if you're a newbie - you shouldn't go for them because you get multiple steroids from the same shot, so if you get side effects, you wouldn't know which of those steroids caused them.
if you're already experienced with all those steroids (separately) then the stack is great because you get all the steroids you need from a single shot (so you need fewer injections).
another problem COULD be that it a stack may cause more PIP, but it is still worth giving a try and check if you would experience it or not.


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Me personally I don’t like blends because even though it’s all mixed you don’t know exactly how much of each you’re getting in a single pin. Which isn’t super terrible I just like getting exactly what I want when I do it even though I pin more.