First Sust cycle


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Hey appes,

I'm starting my first Sust 500mg a week. I got also tren hex for some reasons unknown lol Would adding 300mg of tren hex a week would be a mistake? I'm 200lbs with abs but want much faster results. Will consume 400g of protein. I heard tren is very good for nutrition partitioning.


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yes. it would. Do not add trenbolone. Start with Sustanon alone.

it is. But have you heard about its side effects?
Testosterone alone (Sustanon) is enough.
what's your age? stats? goals?
35 years. 8 years lifting, 6 years grappling. 210lbs, don't know the bf, but I can see abs. I eat a lot of food but I want to go to another level. I can't move through 210 lbs somehow. Maybe just test the waters with Sustanon and keep tren for the second cycle?


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Have you even had bloods checked ?

Tren makes me so horny all the time. It’s a good compound. Use it on your second cycle. You will be surprised how test alone helps.