Genetic potential

bobby ricky

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If you have passed your potential for muscle building using peds then you cannot hold that much muscle on normal trt. True trt will keep you at your genetic potential for muscle retention.
If your 10-20-30 lbs past your genetic potential for muscle growth and you go down to a normal trt dose you will loose all the muscle you acquired on larger doses. If cbum went to 200 mgs for 6 months he would be unrecognizable for sure. Let me know what u think?


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Well... that's a loaded question. Some people's genetic potential... is 200 total test. So their ability to hold muscle would be shit. So 150mg of test e a week would put and keep much more mass on them than their "genetic potential"

But for normal people... or even super jacked people... idk brother.
Larry wheels just came out saying he's only using 150mg of test c a week.
Hes 6"3 265lbs and probably 10% bf.
Now is that really his dose... idk.
Hes pretty open about his gear usage.
But at only 150mg he's not losing anything.

I think the hardest part of this question is "genetic potential" because so rarely do anyone actually get there. Either before giving up, or jumping on gear.
Personally I think I could look the way I do without gear... when I was 26 I looked almost exactly like this, but my arms were a little bigger... and I was 100% natural.
But I wanted results faster, and a little help being almost 10 years older.

But I do get what you're saying, after a certain amount of muscle you have to find a way to maintain it. And that's usually with a higher cruise dose.

Waiting for someone smarter than me to give their opinion... that shouldn't take long... 🤣😂


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While I understand what you're saying and while it can be true... don't forget we're all very different. I mean, as you noticed, you can safely use 1200 mg a week of test, but such a dosage is unimaginably higher for others. As for cbum taking 200 mg/week.. well. assuming he is natty and he starts using 200 mg/week might have a mind blowing effect, but may not really help him at all, considering the low dosage and the fact that he's already jacked. It depends on how his body responds to it.
and now, there's larry who said that he's on 150 mg only but he's one of the strongest mfs out there.
genetics play a huge role after all. genetics to how we respond to a particular steroid, genetics to the limit of muscles we can gain etc...
that's just how I see it. throughout the years of working with multiple customers I just see very different results. some saying that they experience nasty acne at 200 mg/week with little muscle gains and bloating like balloons. Others say they are perfectly fine at huge doses... whereas they are similar in terms of weight and body fat...