Loss of sex drive


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how often do you talk with your D?:ROFLMAO:

At least twice a day... hell sometimes my girl will talk to him like I'm not even in the room... if it wasn't mine... id be really jealous.

I need to give her a name on this forum... I can't use her real name... and I'm sick of saying "my girl"
So... any suggestions... sugar tits... nah... Queen cunt... no to demeaning... Captain peg leg?
🤔🤔🤔🤔 I'll think of something...


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Fuck toy lol. I can’t even call my girlfriend that lol. She’s more like my cuddle toy after sex lol.
Lucky man gains.

I showed her all of these messages... she just laughed and said "yes you are fuckin lucky...now stop trying to break me"
(I'll make no such promise)

Her biggest complaint is I always give her a massage before sex... then... go all ham sandwich and leave her in a puddle shaking like an epileptic. Undoing all the good I did with the massage.
I said... yeah... no shit... so tomorrow I can give you another massage and repeat the process.
This is chess not checkers


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It finally happened to me. After running my last cycle I’m cruising on 250 mgs of test e every week. Libido is gone and going to get blood work done. Must be high estrogen?
Are you running anything but Test? And how long have you been on since an off cycle?

My personal experience here, but I find that running HCG through your whole cycle, some people say small doses EOD, I usually do like 500iu 1-2 times a week. I usually let my body tell me what I need to some extent. But if you’re already bottoming out, I think you start with 1500iu then go to 500-750iu twice a week when your balls start feeling more like their normal size you can try to pull back a little. But it’s ALWAYS helped me come off easier, i up the dose for PCT (I can share my dosing for that if you want). And it helps me not have those swing days of the week. Where you feel you bottom out a bit on your T levels.

Also, is the Test E legit? I know Test E and Test C are very similar esters, i personally prefer Cyp. Only because I get less of those kind sides

Good luck bro