Moderate Lean-bulk cycle help please?


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Looking to run a 10-12 week cycle and looking to order from {censored} This will be my 3rd cycle. Looking to do a mild/moderate lean bulk. Wondering if someone out there can give me cycle suggestions as well as PCT suggestions. In the past I have ran (and still want to) TestE, TestP, and Deca. Not looking for anything crazy complicated. Thanks!




Hey bro there is all kinds of cycles in our cycles ,bulking , advanced, intermediate etc ( by no means am I being disrespectful) this way you personalize your cycle you ,do the work and post ,this way you gain the knoldge and get the rewards ,lay out the was you want to run ,set up a al  for on cyc and a pct  . also include a dopamine agnostic such as (caber ) in case of elevated prolactiin , then post cycle and you'll get all the feedback you need , there's nothing like laying out your own cycle bro ,and getting the thumbs up for a well planned out cyc and pct. Really all info you need you'll find here on site , go to cycles , pct   Siegmund     PS. That's what I would do anyway you have to have a idea of what cyc you want to run so throw it out there ,  build your confidence and knoldge



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Ok really you need to be giving stats for the right advice on products needed to get you the results you require. Now a good cycle for the average body type with the average diet and a gym routine of no less the 3 visit a week then anyone would gain the Test prop 3 x 1ml per week and Tren 75 ace 3 x 1ml per week. Have some Nova/tamoxifen to hand in case of any gyno. Have hcg for pct 1000ius for the first 3 days and the 250ius every day for a further 2 to 3 weeks pct is a guessing game and you need to no your body. If you don't then take for a little long it is best to slightly over do the pct then under do it.

please note I REALLY recommend posting stats with diet to get a more tailored cycle but this cycle is relatively safe and with gain to be noticed.


good luck and if you are unsure about anything ask to get some of these gurus opinions to help your decisions ;)