New to MG coming over from the high school drama steroid review site


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What's up guys... You can call me D. I'm coming over from another review site that is full of drama and power abusing mods. I really hope everyone here is more chill and not so uptight.

I'm competing in my first Men's Physique competition this Saturday (May 10th). I am here to share any knowledge that I have and of course I am here to learn. I love to learn! Thanks for reading.


Also, one suggestion I have is to make the site a little more smart phone friendly. It might just be me, but I'm having a hard time zooming out far enough to see the whole page.




Welcome bro ,lmao ,I know where you come from ,,but no here is about respect ,, no bashing ,no power triping ,none of that shit ,here give respect you get respect , actually you get respect first just return it and you'll fit right in ,,and welcome ,to the next generation of review sites ,, its good to have you ,need anything ask 



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Welcome D, glad you made it. I also know what you mean, damn phone! I thought it was just me.

You'll fit right in.




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Here are a couple pics of me from the last couple weeks.