Pinning through ink


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What's up guys, just wondering if anyone had any problems pinning through tattoos. Hasn't even crossed my mind but I was reading online where some people avoid areas where they have tattoos. Other people said that's bull crap. Just wondering if anyone has expericened any trouble of any kind from pinning through your ink. 

Was only looking it up cause I just got top half of arm inked. 


Also anyone have any issues with tattoos distorting or anything. Seems it shouldn't be a problem. 



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Na brother you should be fine. Just don't go pushing those 18 gauge cannons thru there as that would be like taking core samples of your tat! I have been poking at one of my tattoos for years (actually even have a spot on it I use as my alignment) and I've never noticed anything.




Same here. Been poking through tats on my delts for years with 23g pins and no issues. Your tats will fade a bit from stretching as you grow. I was 155lbs at one time and now I'm over 220lbs, so that's a lot of growth. 



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I don't have any tats but my gear bro is a walking tattoo and he has never said anything bout it  and there is no way he hasn't stabbed one maybe on his ass cheek:) but I don't wanna know



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it's not a problem brother !!! The gear goes to the muscles not the skin ...long as ur not using a big ass pin u should be fine 23or 25g for me 



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Not to parrot what others have said and be redundant, but i'm covered from shoulders to wrists both arms, huge chest piece and have some on my quads and left calf and def not an issue. Skin is like elastic brother even as you grow it stretches. I'd be more concerned about stretch marks from rapid growth ruining tats as opposed to injections. For me I only have minor stretch marks on my glutes and no where else, you should be A-OK!