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My previous post had a great protocol i was using for HRT, and it worked really well for me. the link =

I've designed a new version of this, and have been on it for about 3 months now, and the blood work (which i will post later) is great. So figured i would share it with you guys and hopefully get great feedback and insight from the awesome members here in MG.

Test E - 300mg ew split into 2 shots - 1 on Monday and 1 on Friday. Yes, 300mg is on the very high end and some would argue its suppresive but @ 300 mg im sitting happy , good energy, great gym sessions, good recovery, and good sleep.

Nandrolone Deconate (deca) - 200mg ew split into 2 shots. i take it with the Test e, same syringe. The reasoning behind deca on trt at low dose is to increase anabolic activity in the body, and get some joint lubrication, construction and healing. i know clinics who will prrescribe 200 mg deca for TRT through script so 200mg aint too far off on the deep end.

Proviron - 50 mg ed. This controls shbg and frees up Test hence you'll experience elevated free Test. You'll see in the blood work, the free T is WAY up.

Var 30mg ed. This was a surprise for me, and heres why. i added it into the protocol to get hardening effects while cruising, and i knew i was taking a risk of mild hepa-toxicity. after 3 months of usage, my liver enzymes are MID range, yes MID range , no elevation to speak of. The hardening effect is good. i am using Reduced L-Glutathione, milk thistle and NAC for support on this front.

HCG - Currently @ 600 iu per week split into 2 300 iu jabs subq. Keeps the boys full & functioning well, regulate partial-HPTA function.

Clomid & Nolva - 25mg and 20mg  respectively, 1-3 days per week max. Theraputic dose to get the natural LH working and FSH. Otherwise they are < 1. I just try to avoid any shutdown anywhere in my body, so this helps in stimulation of natural LH and FSH.

Caber - 0.5mg once-twice per week. I notice crazy morning wood the day after, which is a bonus! :)

Aromasin - 12.5mg 2 times per week. Bloodwork shows E at 18 which is a good healthy midrange. dont wana block off e completely in the body and dont want to let it run wild either, both ends have BAD sides. so midrange is great to keep, but ill admit its a hard balancing act to keep it on the midrange.

Creatine Kre-Alkalyn - Pre-workout. Very effective. 

Vitamin Stack for:

  1. joint health

  2. prostate health

  3. memory & brain function

  4. stress management

  5. Cholestrol - my blood work shows cholestrol of 305 which im really struggling to lower

  6. ACV

  7. Energy

  8. Thyroid function

  9. Sleep aid

  10. blood pressure

  11. immune system

  12. DHT blocking

  13. Fish oil & MCT oil

  14. ZMA

I wont list the individual supplements in each category above, cause the list is LENGTHY ! lol But by all means, if you have questions or curious about any of the individual supps for any of the categories above, please PM me or ask on here and ill be happy to help.


All comments / suggestions / ideas welcome. If you have a TRT protocol that works well for you, be all means post it out, lets share thoughts & learn together.



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Super charged- yes. TRT - no. A solid cruise - yes. Duplicatable- not for most people.

Do you have any adverse reactions to Nolva?

Thanks for sharing.






As you likely know, I am loving deca while on trt. I feel it is great for preserving gains, and may add some even on a low dose. I stacked test e (150-200), deca (100), and primo (100) (switched to mast e once I ran out of primo). One thing I noticed with this stack even at lower dose of test than last time, is on-cycle-like libido. 

I have heard that combining HCG and clomid have a negating effect(?) and not to run concomitantly during pct. I curious as to your position on this.  



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subz, a bit too high for TRT, i know brother. what can i do, im a white boy, need the extra ummfff to feel alright on trt LOL :)

i dont see any adverse effects with clomid or nolva. people say they have vision issues w/ clomid, but i never experienced that. But then again @ 25 mg clomid and 20 mg Nolva 1-3 times per week i wasnt expecting sides due to extreme mild dosage. i remember when i pct and i do the 100/100/50/50/25/25 clomid and 40/40/20/20/20 nolva protocol, i dont see sides either. 

only thing i notice with the clomid & nolva effects wise is orgasms are INTENSE, dont know the science behind why this is the case, but i sure do like that :)



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i like the primo idea blast! im out of primo, so when i get my hands on some (soon), i will take out the VAR since i dont feel comfortable mentally being on an oral that long (even though my liver numbers are midrange), and replace with 200-250mg primo, and pulse the Proviron on & off.

How do you feel with the Masteron and what dosage you're using with TRT now? I have masteron on hand but dont think it will serve me much use on TRT since i only see results from masteron at HIGH doses 600mg+ and i cant call that HRT or cruise with a straight face!

no issues using HCG & clomid and nolva all together at the dosage i stated above. Just to point out why its frowned upon to use both on PCT is because HCG is suppressive. how? HCG is a powerful LH analog hence your body will stop producing its own LH in its prescence hence HPTA suppression. Goes against PCT concept, totally. Hence PCT (for those of us not TRT/HRT for life) should NEVER include HCG, only boom it PRIOR to PCT potocol, once PCT protocol start, HCG needs to stopped. Why? CLomid will stimulate your OWN body to produce LH and FSH and hence HPTA non-suppressive. 

keep shooting ideas Blast, i love the thoughts you put in things brother!



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Well, taking into account a teenager produces at most 7mg test daily, that makes 50mg/week. Of course test with a medium ester is around 70% of concentration, so let's say you're injecting .7x300mg = 210mg/week.

Are you sure you're in any kind of "high end"?? haha

Anyway, if you feel better and you can cruise on that dose and blast later with good results... death to science! =)



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I am certain that the OP is referring to his blood serum levels exceeding the upper range of 1000ng/dL to be considered TRT. With the normal range being 250-1100 properly dosed testosterone at 300mg/wk can easily place many men in the 1400-2000ng/dL.



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"death to science" ? haha  you dont strike me as a guy who has much experience w/ AAS. 

Try going to any TRT clinic and see what dosage they prescribe the "big 3". You'll see 250 mg Watson Test cyp straight from pharmacy is very common. so 300 YES is just on the high end, def not anything crazy. i know guys running 500 mg Test and they call it cruise, their rationale is when they blast they hit 1600mg+ ew hence 500 mg in comparison seems like nothing. That i DO NOT agree with, its against science (HPTA shutdown) and its not in cadence with what typical HRT/TRT clinics prescribe. 

i will post my blood work and tie in to this thread as well.



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you're right on the money subz. My Total T reading is 1515. I will consider reducing my Test dosage to bring my blood total T to 1150 or so.



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Didnt mean to offend at all! I was prescribed TRT 3 months ago after years of low test and first shots did them as prescribed: 250mg e2w.

My first bloodwork, 12-13 days after the second shot (did it as far as possible from shot to avoid high value) with that prescribed 2 weeks separation, was total testosterone around 1410 (no free test measured), then I had to explain my doc. about pharmacokinetics ( brough her this ) and tell her that I would inject myself instead of going to the infirmary every 14 days.

Note: result with "normal" values in my country: Testosterona -directa, suero 1410,0 * ng/dL [275,0 - 850,0]

Now, injecting myself .5mL twice weekly of a 250mg/2mL testCYP, my readings are around 800-1000 (high end!=D). For me a good spot for TRT cruising and let my body get back to normal during a couple months or as much as I can stay far from heavy gear...! =D

Anyway, each body absorption is different so I'll keep seeing this post, very curious to know your results.

Good luck with your results, SwoleSam, be careful not to have too high readings and being prescribed less amount (if case you're doing it with your doc. supervision and prescription)



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Flag - Around 12 years ago, after stopping all the crazy prohormones and gear for about 1 complete year. i suffered ALL sides of low T, hated life. went to doc, and my Total T was 160, Lower than a 70 year old man lol. The said my doc at the time said lets start off slow, he said only start off on clomid and nothing else, 50 mg 6d/w. Did that for 5 weeks, and blood test got my Total Test to 700 ng/dl , and E was at 45. Reason Clomid would get me in the 700 total T is because of the super AR sensitivity since i took a whole year off not understanding this will make my life hell - heat flashes, bad mental focus, bad sleep, bad libido,...etc. But 12 months on nothing, AR receptors were totally sensitized hence clomid @ 50 mg 6d/w got me to 700 total t. I bet you dollars to donuts that if i stop everything now and start on the same regimn of clomid 50 mg alone, my total T will come back at 100 ng/dl. 

The point im trying to stress is since you just started TRT, minimal dosage will give you max returns. I can bet you as time goes by you will need to push up the dosage to get the same ng/dl total t. Receptor De-Regulation brother.

Will post blood work asap. Only issue im having is Cholestrol sitting @ 305 ! im tweaking my cholestrol supps and will get bloods again in a few weeks. Need this shit down to 200-250 max total cholestrol.




Thanks for the refresher course on clomid HCG. I dont put anymore so when I read it, it didn get encoded into long term memory.  So, clomid stimulates natty LH, and HCG mimics, cool. How does this fit in trt then? The same actions are still there. Maybe I'm missing something. 




The change from primo to mast is still too early to ascertain. One thing I did notice while on it (with the test and deca) was really high libido, beyond what I am accustomed to while cruising at 250mg test e per week. Libido has not fallen off yet, but still too early to say for sure.


test e 150-200mg/week

mast e 200/week

deca 100/week

i have used arimidex a few times in the last 7 weks, and I popped 1mg caber as a fun pill more than anything. I get some zits and edema in my hands, that's wen I take an ai. Shooting for no higher than 1100 total test. Last time it was over 1500. I want to chill it out a bit. Bloods next week.

Didnt you run masteron in your cruise once? Seem to remember that from some time ago...




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If you were talking about leydig cells sentitivity to LH you would be absolutely right, I bet that's what you were trying to say.

About AR sensitivity happens just the opposite: if your sensitivity is so high due to long periods of low testosterone, then your body would produce less and have a profound good impact, while if being desensitized you would need higher quantities of testosterone to make the same effect.

Let's better stop discussing about medical semi-advanced topics and just talk about results, will save us from loosing time discussing ;) [I say this because if we try to get into the issue of AR desensitization, there are many articles saying that more testosterone upregulates AR and of course there are many people saying the opposite..better stay away from it]

Thanks for your time SwoleSam




Blast I'd use aro rather than adex while cruising and just popping one every now and then since aro is a Type 1 (suicide inhibitor) rather than adex which is type 2. To think about it in practical terms would you rather permanently kill e2 or just bind it temporarily and then it get released back into your system? If you notice I run adex during my cycles just in case I need the rebound, and switch to aro right before cruising, and during my cruise. 



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nice, well in the coming weeks, let me know if mast e @ 200 mg does what primo was doing.

yes, you have a strong memory brother. i used mast prop on a cruise @ 200 mg ew, did nothing at all, pushed to 250 mg and did nothing at all. so im very speculative about using mast p in cruising in such a small dose. i mean Var currently at 30 mg ew , i see alot of difference its doing. so basically when im cruising i like to use substances that has benefits at a lower dose. Maybe mast E @ 250 mg ew will work, i think next week i will switch out Var and proviron to that. Since its E ester, i will inject a full on 250 on friday this week so it can be somewhat working next week when im off Var & Proviron.



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yup, you got it. TRT is a replacement therapy. So most people simply use HCG to keep the testes active and hence they dont atrophy. Remember thats what LH does, it signals the testes to produce test hence they stay active and dont atrophy. Same goes for HCG (the LH analog). Only problem is HCG suppresses your own production of LH since IT IS an analog. Thats how HCG fits in TRT. Cause if you were to take Test on its own exogenously, it will be suppressive and your HPTA will be shutdown hence your testes wont produce T hence they atrohpy. 

remember if you use too much HCG, you will overstimulate the Leideg cells in your testes, which can cause leideg cells desensitization down the road.