The best Cycle you've ever been on!!!



I suggest to share with the most efficient stacks you have tried and achieved significant results!!!
There is a plenty of info on the net but it is really difficult to stack steroids correctly...
Up till current cycle is the best...
I'm using Nandrolone Decanoate+Methandrostenolone...this is my 5th week...Plans to have 8..
Taking Decaver 400 mg/week (5 weeks) and Naposim 8 weeks:
1 - 30mg/week
2 - 40 mg/week
3 - 50mg/week
4 - 60mg/week
5 - 60mg/week
6 -50mg/week
7 -40mg/week
8 -30mg/week

So, any suggestions on this topic is welcomed...Please share with only steroids you have used yourself...


Are you really running DECA and dbol with no test base ? I find that hard to beleive and even harder to believe hat you can still get wood. Test MUST always be incorporate when using 19 nor steroids such as DECA . Also, anything under a 16 week cycle with DECA is a waste.
not necessary at all to use test...Methandrostenolone is an androgen itself and is a blocker of cortisol...Nandrolone Decanoate increases the number of androgen receptors... it's an ideal combination...imho


absolutely agree...

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