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Hey all,

Hoping to find some advice on running my first cycle.

I am thinking of running TEST e only for about 10 weeks as my first ever cycle, with my PCT support there when/if needed. Do I you think I need a SERM as well for this cycle?

I’m in Melbourne and currently trying to find sources.

Does anyone know any australian specific forums I should look into?


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I'd run longer than 10 weeks.
Takes 2 weeks to get into your system, 4 weeks to see results. that means only 6 weeks left of actual growth.
I'd Run... 12, 14, or my personal favorite 16 weeks. Then a nice Nolvadex pct that you will absolutely need for 4 weeks.
Start It 2 weeks after your last injection.
Also start with 300mg of test every week, split the dose 150mg on Monday, 150mg on Thursday