Elixir fusion - 500mg


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So there is nothing online about this product no review and everyone saying to stay away and you’re an idiot to try it.

We are dealing with science and back in the day when drugs was being tested the scientists would conduct their own research by trying the product themselves hence why some are illegal and some are not for many different reasons that being said I love to experience with all drugs and conduct my own research and will make notes on my experience. I do a lot of research on hormones with leading credited scientists I don’t look on the forum for my research as people are giving advice to people who have probably been told off someone in the gym not to touch it because it’s fake it’s this it’s that and yes that could be the case but most of the time the person saying that is because they are selling the product and if they don’t have the product every other product is shit with no reason why.

For me I have tried most brand and will decide for myself we all have the right to have our say but in todays society everyone is going off what you are being told. Unless you have the knowledge and experience behind what you are saying then I suggest you don’t because it not fair. Do your research and by that I mean to try the product after knowing how human beings operate. We can all have different experiences when taking a drug but unless you have done that then don’t give advice because your are not in the place to do so. I will only give advice on something I have tested myself before. I don’t know everything I know nothing but what I do know is what I have experienced and make my own opinion on the matter

That’s being said I will test the dreaded idiotic elixir fusion 500mg that ingredients says classified - an idiotic thing to do said by most people but why is it idiotic if you don’t know the outcome the idiot Who asks the question is only a fool for a moment but the one who never asks is a fool for life. So I will be the fool for the moment and post my experience on this supplement. It can only do one of two ways I feel nothing and get no results or I get really good ones. Most steroid made these days is test prop labelled as deca, mast, bold etc. tren can be test with food colouring in and people think it’s amazing because they get results. Different compounds react differently with your body I will know what compounds will be in that bottle without with how my body responds

So if anyone has got any products or on a course and feeling a certain way hit me up and I’ll let you know if you are being miss sold on your steroids

My prediction to this as I have used the brand before is a high dose of test prop


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i got 40 yrs expierence of trying almost all the drugs and how i feel on them. theres 2 companys i know that will need testers but its not allowed on boards.


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we got alot of people tested already. what degree do u have that makes you so the one to test the gear?
What was the results then because I can’t seem to find any? And you don’t need a degree to know what you’re talking about.


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Never heard of it. decided to give it a try. Then I've read the following:
1ml contains:
Classified Ingredients

Immediately fuck it.
Why would I use something that the manufacturer doesn't want to share the name of the substances?