First Ever HGH Home Test Kit Released


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RoidTest has released the first ever At Home Growth Hormone Test Kit. Great news for those using questionable GH.

COLORIMETRICS, LLC (maker of ROIDTEST™) will very soon be releasing the world’s FIRST product test for human growth hormone (somatropin). It is antibody-based, and thus highly accurate for identifying real somatropin. It will not be fooled by cheap gh peptides like GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin etc., which can be found in many counterfeit products. People often use blood work to validate their GH, but of course this can be fooled by GH-elevating peptides. NOT ROIDTEST.

This test is a game changer.

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It will be interesting to see how this test performs. If its reliable it will be huge.



I used this test the other day on some ugl hgh i got from a source not listed here. Its very easy to use. I am happy to say that the gh i have is real. Though its real, the purity and dosage remains a mystery until I get blood work done. Next, I'll be investing in some of the other tests that they have available. Thanks SF for posting. Oh, I may have a promo coupon available if anyone is interested. PM for details.


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On a side note for testing growth.. If you piss on a pregnancy test and come back knocked up, your hgh is HCG?

unless your a lady growth user, in that case may want to check your calendar