HGH....which is which?


I have been reading, looking at the supplies, and noticing a lot of variant terms, making a selection on any certain one product unclear.

I see some items quite literally say Active Compound: " Human Growth Hormone" . And I have seen " Somatropine - 191 Amino Acid".
There are many others.

I spoke with someone who told me he gets Somatropin.

Is there a thread I am missing which breaks down this information, of which one does what?

I am not experienced with compounds, but I know what results I am wanting to gain, and matching up that info would make it much easier than sifting through endless threads in search of hidden information.

Can someone help point me in a good direction?


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Hello there. I am a source of HGH myself (as much as you can see from my name) so I do have knowledge on it.
Look - Human Growth Hormone; Growth Hormone; HGH; GH; Recombinant Human Growth Hormone; RHGH; Somatropin; Somatotropin - they are all the same thing.
In terms of 191Amino Acids (191aa) - that's indicating the quality of HGH. There are 192aa which is less quality and there's even worse. I would recommend to go only to 191aa - the identical HGH to our naturally produced one. It offers maximum results and least side effects.
Go for HGH 191aa and use it properly - you'll love it!