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Now what did I say about EQ ?
It is shit and you will get thick blood
It is shit and can crash your E2
If you haven’t used it before don’t go running it with other compounds until you know how you go with just test and eq.
Have bloods checked before blasting and donate blood so you can last longer than 6 weeks before having a stroke.

I’m going to give the worst case scenario on compounds so you all understand what can happen if you are B9D79C2A-B5DC-4C61-8016-8F660CCF1F23.jpeg

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Why does eq cause more Vascularity than any other?
I figured Vascularity only came from bigger muscles pushing your veins to the top,and lower bf% making them more visible.
So... wouldn't tren be the leading cause of Vascularity?
Does eq actually make your veins bigger?
because of blood thickening effect (huge increase in red blood cell counts).
All steroids increase RBC, but not as much as EQ, seemingly.