Not a magic bullet


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There is an increasing trend that I am noticing as more and more men seek testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and that is the myth that if a man can achieve 'normal' testosterone levels everything else concerning their current health condition will be corrected.

The fact is that the majority of men who express low testosterone levels is due to the personal choices that they themselves have made. Certainly there are certain health conditions or medical reasons for low testosterone but the overwhelming reason for low T is simple choices.

If you are an individual who is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone than you absolutely should seek medical advice but be aware it is NOT a magic bullet. Testosterone replacement therapy is a stepping stone to inspire you to take steps in beginning to evaluate your overall health and personal choices. 

Fortunately for a large percentage of men testosterone replacement therapy does provide the individual with a spark or motivation to take extra measures moving towards a healthier lifestyle. i.e diet, exercise, relationships, mental well being, etc.

The bottom line is that I encourage you to use testosterone replacement therapy, if needed, as a tool to overall health. Just like any tool it has a specific purpose but it can't do everything that is needed to finish the job.





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Well said sir. I need to be reminded of this. I used opiates in my 20’s to deal with what I later found to be a type of clinical depression. Working out has always been a great way to release tension and feel healthy, however depression persists at times.

Ive been taking meds for this for the last couple years and finally began to look at the T. It was average. I began supplementing with a low dose of Oxandrolone to help bind my SHBG and free up a bit more test.

It has worked great for me. I do enjoy a DBOL here and there but don’t want to over blast because this is what I believe caused the problem to begin with.

Once you have felt what a hit dose of sauce feels like, you do not forget it. Suddenly feeling ‘normal’ doesn’t feel quite so good..

Im now studying how to maintain optimum levels in a healthy way. In it for the long run so to speak.