R.I.P Matt Porter


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Another staple of the Bodybuilding community has passed at age 34. If you aren’t familiar with Porter check him out on YouTube.

He was featured on Jay Cutler’s channel addressing the juicyer side of things and giving a lot of good information. I will add more info detailing the circumstances of his passing as they are released as we can all learn from this and take appropriate measures to in sure that while pushing the limits we are avoiding the most obvious pitfalls.

Porter was recently criticized by for his claims that his current physique had been obtained using only TRT doses in recent years. He has addressed issues of high blood pressure in the passed but I’m unsure if he was currently being treated. The cause of death is listed as heart failure.

Cholesterol and blood pressure are key issues that contribute to heart failure. Giving blood is one way to combat both, however if your honest about drug use this is not an option. A blood collection bag costs $14.
Arginine is touted to help with artery elasticity and BP.
Niacin is given to people with high cholesterol when they are unable to handle statins.

Tomorrow is always a new day, and Monday is always leg day.

Rest in peace


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It's why I belive in the baby aspirin and Niacin treatment when on cycle. And donating blood. But baby aspirin and time release niacin every night before bed. And lots of water.


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He was a smart kid and a great asset to our community, A huge loss to us all. RIP Matt!


Damn, i used to watch his youtube vids in the background while doing chores or doing stuff. He seemed so on top of his game, almost a health nut in some sense. Sorry to hear he passed on... to bodybuilding Valhalla!