Severe shin and other bone aches on arimidex.


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If you're not happy with your chest, have you considered breast augmentation. I'd split the bill just to see th
Like wise man. Been really busy at work lately working 50-60 hour weeks. I am still striving with my gains. I am taking the slow and steady route for sure. Yeah I imagine with that much Test you'd need a lot more arimidex than you or I would. And yeah that could likely be the case man. Maybe look into your sneakers? I know a while ago I used to have these weird reboks that would ALWAYS give me shin splits every time I did anything resembling cardio. My Nikes on the other hand seemed to work much better for cardio.
I'm an air Jordan lifer. Whatever I did it worked I started actually doing leg day even this week with no more pain. Also started drinking real milk instead of my old ladies almond and oat milk.