Sustanon 400


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I posted that. Beligas was notified, corrected the issue, and sent the guy a replacement vial. Being test e is wasn't that bad. But just think if tren e was in a tren a vial. A guy could inject 2grams of tren e in 10 days very easily. There's always risk involved
Wow! You are right bro!! Man the Sustanon is def real. Of all my hard injection sights and PIP this one is the mother lode and I only took 1mL


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Yea like welderman said I'm not trash talking Beligas, I have some of their Test and it's great. And their gear has for the most part always tested good, this was just one instance where it didn't. And yea I think it was corrected from what I read.


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Your dealing with the vast majority of raws from China. We can blame that mistake and the Wuhan virus on them now. 😂


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I remember seeing a recent lab test of Beligas 500mg and it ended up being 434mg of test enanthate instead of a blend of different esters.
Yes is the most used method. Take alot of time to produce something with 4 kinds of test like sustanon

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Nonetheless, still brands actually make Sustanon.
That was a mistake, but yet, when you want Sustanon, you actually get the blend from reputable brands/ sources