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    All the rules in one post

    <p>I think it would help out new members to have all of the rules in one spot. This would be a bit of work, but it would make finding them all a bit easier and it would help new members understand how everything works, like why people use avatar faces, don't talk about sources and how exactly...
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    Do you cheat when you're on your period?

    <p>I get the worst cravings when it's that time of the month. So I cheat. I limit it, but I still do it. I'm not the only one that does that am I?</p>
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    What do you consider a healthy diet?

    <p>I consider a healthy diet simply eating healthy food. Include some carbs, all the food groups, limited sugar and processed food. It's pretty basic, but everyone seems to have a different definition. So, I'm a little curious as to what YOU consider a healthy diet.</p>
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    Losing stomach fat

    <p>I don't know if fat genes are a real thing or not, but if they are I have them. Everyone in my family seems to gain more weight in their stomach area. This is the last place that I lose fat, and it's the hardest to keep off. </p><p>I drink plenty of water, try to stay off of soda (my biggest...
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    Where to buy products

    <p>I came across these forums because I buy from MG already, but I've also run across a couple of discount sites and so on. Anyone have any good recommendations on other sites they personally use to buy high quality products that don't cost a small fortune? </p>