Good HCG availability?


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Maybe it's just me but it seems like simple things like HCG are drying up.

Used to every where you went, if you get a little juice, you had some hcg to go with it like good practice or something.

The stuff isn't even a controlled substance but you do have to have an RX even for vet quality (thanks slot big pharma)

Has anyone else noticed this trend? What happened to the hcg?


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No shortage at all on hcg..hmm? pharma hcg is always available...also 5000ius is fairly inexpensive it comes as a kit freeze dried kit with 2ml ampules of bac water...


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All the sources on here have quality hcg. I've always got mine when needed. I wouldn't say it's inexpensive, but defo required to keep your spuds happy.