JARHEAD2 has been banned for 1 month (and his karma decreased)


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I'm glad you guys do what you do milk. I guess what has people concerned is here another domestic source gets close to the top and  shit storm follows if Jarhead did something that violated the rules I garuntee he didn't do it on purpose  I would stake my life on that  I dont doubt that international sources have good gear  but is every domestic source gonna be scutinized  when they excell  in rankings  again never had any source  tried to give gear for votes untill this week and I handed it to a mod i would do a domestic the same because i want the integrity of mg to be honest  I agressive with Siempre Fi modify the rules  when this happens or add an amendment to clarify  things  further then if it happens they violated rules without a doubt 




Milkin, Thanks for taking the time to explain things clearly. Its tough for me because I come here to get away from all the nonsense in the real world. It was easier when it was smaller like anything else.. Admin. is lucky to have you. Truthfully, I don't like them. Which means nothing to them. All we ask for is clear explanation when a great brother that just flew to Belize to preach and buy bibles for under privileged people. I'd support you the same way brother. Thanks..




Not sure burrr. I'll check andbif not I'll lift it because it's been over 30 days now.



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Personally as an SR I dont mind him upvoting a review, I dont see favoritism, I see a well written review and someone recognizing it. The SR gets no karma for it. Only the guy writing the review. APL is a great domestic SR and obviously they deserve good reviews and Jarhead is a great dude... he seems to be here to help people out... I dont get it, but I try to stay out of the politics... especially when you are number 1 ... a lot of people accuse you of somehow cheating the system, lol... the 50% off promos really help you get to number 1 as long as people get their shit in a timely manner! Lol... I hope I dont get in trouble for standing up for Jarhead, but it's the right thing to do!


Yeah for some reason it appears first on the Logs section. Jarhead hasn't been active on the site in a VERY long time, like many other old-timers... I miss those guys, you know, Dolf, Jar, calm, JD, TUG, strong, swolesam, mister A (aka Griz), and others that i can't at the moment recall their names...