New here and just started trt


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30yr male, found to have 400ng/dl of test. After going to clinic and being put on testosterone cypionate at 80mg/wk.

I’m joining this forum to make connections cause I don’t know the ins and outs of using steriods and maybe if I am feeling up to it I’ll would like to run a cycle and could use all the help I can get if I ever graduate to that level.

I found vendors online that sell testosterone propinate but my friend says it most likely a scam so if anyone knows legit places I could go that would also be a bonus as well


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Welcome, there is a sources section in here where you can find vendors and reviews, also there are sources who know a lot and they engaged in the forums, with good reviews as well. I've bought from a couple of them and everything has been very positive

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There are some members with avatars and names that contain hints about sources. check them if you wish.
Anyway, welcome to MG, pretty sure you're going to love it here ;)