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    So I always had bacne in my early 20's. Top that with a little sauce in my mid and it got out of control. I was able to totally get rid of it with accutane at around 26 and haven'th a problem with it since until recently. I've been running a low range dose of maintenance T for a couple of...
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    Good HCG availability?

    Maybe it's just me but it seems like simple things like HCG are drying up. Used to every where you went, if you get a little juice, you had some hcg to go with it like good practice or something. The stuff isn't even a controlled substance but you do have to have an RX even for vet quality...
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    Genome Editing

    While I am n
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    ON Cycle Therapy

    We already have a post cycle section. It has great content and is only made better by reports with carefully documented personal experience, however; there is an argument that if you wait until you discontinue all that stabilizes your metabolic panel, you have missed the boat. On cycle therapy...
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    Dosage 'sweet spot'

    Fellas I've been try to hit the sweet spot and won't get bloods for several months. Are there any tricks to pinpointing a good dosage without labs?? Seem to feel great around 270mg anything up or down I dont 'feel' anything.. Looking for the wise ways of another Guru
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    Undecanoate Experience!? The perfect ester??

    I was reading a post here that mentioned Test Undecanoate and it's long half life. Although the post had incorrect information (always double check) the point was quite clear and IMO good. Undecanoate only breaks down by half at nearly 3 weeks! This means a 300mg shot is running through your...
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    Insulin Sensitivity: How to Get an Edge

    In order to see the awesome gains that we have trained so hard for body fat must be low. It is here that the 'real' benefits of our anabolic agents can be seen. Of primary concern in maximizing fat burning potential is insulin sensitivity. When sensitivity is high and blood sugar is low-fat...
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    Night Sweats

    So we all know tren carries the fun side effect of waking up in the occasional puddle but I've had some random night sweats the last few weeks running only test and the occasional anavar. I thought it might have been side effects from my other meds but have heard others that have the same...
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    Site Enhancement Shots for Injections

    I've been experimenting with site specific shots using testosterone only and seeing good results. Go back 10 years I had just shot a vial organon sust or British Dragon winstrol straight into the side of my quad. This would be the last shot that wasn't placed in my glute or shoulder for some...
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    I’m wondering what the temperature in the room is like concerning sarms? I tried a bit of Ostarine accidentally and the effects were a lot like DBOL for me. I didn’t like that as my intentions were to take Anavar. i personally do not buy the safe alternative argument as there is way too much...
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    R.I.P Matt Porter

    Another staple of the Bodybuilding community has passed at age 34. If you aren’t familiar with Porter check him out on YouTube. He was featured on Jay Cutler’s channel addressing the juicyer side of things and giving a lot of good information. I will add more info detailing the circumstances of...
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    Treating HBP w/o RX

    High blood pressure is one of the most insidious diseases in the world, particularly amongst the obese and those who use ANABOLIC STEROIDS. Obviously this is where I will focus the attention. An insidious disease. This is because it is a slow killer. It’s quite easy to walk around with high...
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    Steroids SHELF LIFE

    If your like me and my buddy’s, when we get a good batch of something we buy in bulk and sit on it.. What have others experienced with the degradation of a given substance over time? I’m not sure if we are able to get exact results but sometimes bro science beats all. Regular expiration dates...
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    Sub-Q Steroid Injections

    I’ve been doing my daily research on TRT, anti aging, and gene editing. While doing so I ran across an article touting that subcutaneous injections of testosterone were 20% more effective than intramuscular. Specifically it states that 80mg sub-q was just as effective as 100mg IM. Has anyone...
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    Anabolic Androgenic Ratios

    Hi guys, this has always been interesting to me and a place to start when deciding the best compounds for the best situations. (I can’t seem to find an actual chart of these anywhere?)Does anyone know what talking about or possibly know where a chart would be posted?? please post!! cheera