FIrst Cycle, Checklist and shopping List

Welcome to MG.

I guess you are here looking for information on steroids, where to buy them, and how to use them. Well you have come to the right place!

The first thing you need to know is there are many compounds which are collectively known as ‘steroids’. They are all different, with different strengths and side effects. With time you will learn about these and it is very important that you do your homework. One of the most asked questions on MG is: what should be my first cycle? and where can I source products?

Let me try to answer this but first I have some questions for you:

1. Are you over 21 (ideally over 25)?

2. Are you trying to add muscle (bulking)?

3. Are you in good health (heart, liver or kidneys issues are a big No!)?

4. Have you been seriously training for some time?

5. Is your training diet good?

[The reason for the questions – (1) you do not want to endanger your health (2) Steroids are only 1 factor, they are NOT a magic bullet, if your diet and training is not good then they will have little or no benefit.]

Answered “Yes” to all of the above, good then we can continue!

Cycle 1:

Testosterone Cypionate (TestC) or Enanthate (TestE), 500mg per week for 12 weeks.

This is your steroid. It is a synthetic form of the testosterone your body makes naturally. In men natural test peaks in you early 20’s then falls away (hence why taking steroids younger than 25 is not a great idea as you own test levels are at their peak).

Arimidex (AKA “Adex”) –0.5mg every other day (EOD). OR Aromasin (AKA “aro”) – 12.5mg EOD.

Your body naturally converts some of your test to estrogen. Which is good – you need some estrogen but with elevated test your estrogen levels can rise too, which is bad! Too much estrogen can lead to ‘gyno’ – reduced sex drive, lethargy, bloating and in extreme case ‘bitch tits’! An AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) will prevent this conversion. BUT be careful this is one area which is varies wildly between individuals. Some are prone to gyno so need an AI, some people are almost immune so need very little (if any). You will need to adjust the level depending on how your body reacts.

Clomid & Tamoxifen (AKA Nova).

This is your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) its job is to restart your natural testosterone production once the synthetic test has left your system. You will therefore begin 2 weeks after your last injection of testosterone.

Your PCT will last 4 weeks:

Dosages: Clomid: First 2 weeks 100mg/day, next 2 weeks 50mg/day.

Tamoxifen: First 2 weeks 40mg/day, next 2 weeks 20mg/day

In summary, you will need:

TestC (or TestE), total of 6,000mg,

Arimidex, total of 21mg, (OR Aromasin, total 525mg)

Clomid, total of 2,100mg,

& Tamoxifen, total of 840mg.

In addition to the compounds above you will need syringes (24, I recommend 2ml), needles (24 for injecting and, if using vials, it is recommended to use a separate needle to draw, so 48 in total. Gauge and length will vary by injection site but generally speaking 1” 23g is good for quads with 1.25” for glutes.) Alco wipes for cleaning the site and vial tops.

OK – So what can I expect to happen?

This is the million dollar question! And again it will vary between individuals based on training, age, genetics, diet and more. Generally speaking - not a lot for the first few weeks. Don't be disheartened, or think you have bought junk, it's normal. The TestC will be building up in your blood as your production of natural test slows. As the concentration of synthetic test exceeds your natural level you will begin to feel (and see) the benefits.

If you don’t already, keep a training log, you should see your old PB’s being surpassed. Depending on your diet you’ll either become more cut, better definition, or increased muscle mass (you may be extremely fortunate and achieve the holy grail of adding muscle and cutting bf, but generally ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ are separate cycles). Please DON’T come into this with unrealistic expectations – you only risk disappointment and demotivation. Better to think of your first cycle as a learning experience the gains you make are a bonus. Provided your diet and training are good (sorry but I cannot emphasis this enough!) you will make gains - I promise.

There is a lot to learn on cycle1. The most important thing is how your body reacts. Learn to listen to it. Keep a watch on your sex drive it is a great indicator of what’s happening with your hormones -often before any other signs are evident.

Once your cycle is finished allow your body and in particular your natural test production time to recover before considering cycle 2. As a rule of thumb ‘off-time’ should equal ‘cycle time’ so take a break of at least 12 weeks.

This is the standard, tried and tested, first cycle. Provided the gear is good, and it is administered correctly, it is safe for the virtually everyone. As with regular pharmaceutical products, there are rare occasions people who react badly to compounds. If you experience an adverse reaction please discontinue use immediately and, if serious, seek medical help. This is unlikely but not worth endangering your health for.


So you’ve done your homework and want to proceed. Check out the “sources” tab on MG. Here you will find reviews by members of sites and products. There are plenty of scammers on the internet who will either disappear with your cash or send junk gear. The best protection we have against this is for users to share information about who the good guys are, and who to avoid. The top sources are top sources for a reason – plenty of us use them without being scammed. There are no guarantees, no credit card or statutory protection but as a community we watch each others backs and can greatly reduce these risks.


Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework, there is a ton of great information on this site, be safe and good luck! This article is a summation of information available on this site and others. It is intended for information only. If you chose to use steroids you do so entirely at your own risk.

And finally a thank you to Dolf for proofing this for me before submission, cheers bro!.




Nice work T40! 

I want all of our members to know that anytime you take personal time to think out, write up, and proof read helpful threads to others that it does not go unnoticed, and is greatly appreciated. Especially in todays world where everyone trys to pack 30 hours work into a 16 hour day plus juggle personal and family life in too. Seeing the respect and care for others I see at MG everyday puts a big smile on my face. Thats why I call MG home.


Cheers guys,

Always nice to get positive feedback from respected members. Was easy to write up, what else is there to do in an estonian hotel room at 2am?



New member

I think you did a great job writing this up and hope it gets used a lot . I would like to add a recommendation I have always given , and that is to actually buy both aromasin and arimidex . The reason being is some people respond better to one over the other and when it comes to an estrogen issue getting out of control you want to be well equipped to deal with it .  Also as much as I have 1000% faith in my product I also recommend having 2 different brands of A.I. on hand just in case you got a weak batch . Personally I always bought and used the products from my source, but also bought  genuine pharma versions of Aromasin, Arimidex, and Proviron . Luckily I only got bad adex once ( and it was from a big big international src ) , and I was grateful to have another brand to switch over to.




X2 nytex. I use all pharm grade ai's now, but having more than one option is a must.




T40 I edited your subject title because the period at the end would not allow a link to work, so I removed the period.



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I really wish that I had found this site earlier. I got taken by a scammer site, but honestly, that experience led me directly to here. (I literally googled [website] scam, and it returned the source review page on MG).

In the few days that I've been lurking around the forums, I have learned a lot, clarified a lot, and  most importantly feel a lot safer about everything going forward.

Thanks guys!



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Keep it simple you will be amazed at what test only will do people remember it is the grandfather of them all !!! Been around since moby dick was a minnow 



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Just Test alone will make wonders. Yes there are other safe compounds to use on your 1st cycle but I would stick with every cycles building block by using Test. Some more good info never  Any orals alone Unless it's PCT. Most newbies try to run orals as there 1st cycle. Most don't realize the damage they can do.