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    That corona virus shit makes fucking huge economic crisis in near future(it begin already..). It will be biggest crisis at last 20 years... So guys grab your gear now, when we all not feel it on this moment.. Will do some sale tomorrow for Saint Patrick’s Day.
    Also I want to inform all who want to order from international warehouse, it is already now parcels coming longer than usual of all this corona virus and in future the situation can be worse. So international TA can be longer if you chose to order from international warehouse.
    In our USA Domestic shipping we do not see any changes now, for now it work as usual.


      Saint Patrick’s Day SALE

      -25% on ALL PRODUCTS from website. For both warehouses: International and US Domestic.

      Saint Patrick’s Day SALE will work on next week from now, will be available till 24 March.

      To earn your discount on EVERY product from website, use please this coupon in cart - 25patrick and you will have automatic discount -25% on all products in cart.

      No min orders !!!

      Payment: MoneyGram, Western Union, Bitcoin.

      Coupon will work till the end of 24 March.

      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !

      Also want to inform you all about our international shipping: of coronavirus out TA on international shipping will be longer than usual. I hope you understand it not depend from us, we doing our best as usual! So in next month we recommend to use our USA Domestic shipping.

      Best regards, BESTGEAR!

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